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Trailer for DVB documentary film


Uploaded by DVBTVenglish on Jun 4, 2010

About Film

In a new investigative documentary produced by DVB, we have discovered that Burma’s ruling generals have started a programme to build nuclear weapons. It has long been suspected that Burma has been pursuing a nuclear programme but now, for the first time, DVB provides evidence of how, where and why they are pursuing this goal.

With a combination of high quality colour photographs taken from the military’s own top secret files, expert analysis and witness accounts, DVB’s documentary exclusively reveals the detailed nature of the regime’s intent. The huge amount of evidence collected by DVB over the last five years also reveals that the ruling junta is trying to develop long-range missiles and digging themselves in with a series of military bunkers.

Experts agree that Burma is a long way from achieving its goals. But many believe that with its stated intent to one day acquire nuclear weapons, its ambitions should be taken seriously.

This groundbreaking information reveals the paranoia of Burma’s ruling generals and gives us a glimpse into the minds of the Burmese military. Elections later this year are aimed at convincing the world that Burma is moving towards democracy, but in reality, fearing attack from the United States and an uprising by their own people, Burma is trying to become the next nuclear-armed North Korea.

‘Burma’s nuclear ambitions’, first aired on Al Jazeera in June 2010, can be watched online here.

For media queries regarding this documentary, please contact ali@dvb.no

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